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December 2017
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Get a Grip on Your Weekly Progress – Start Building The Productivity Habit with Swip

Nick from SwipNick from Swip

There is a way to constantly be getting better at what you do. It is to adopt the habit of regularly track and improve your progress.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong!

Building a new habit is extremely hard.

Sean Covey says:

“We become what we repeatedly do.”

This is exactly why we shall be very careful about the habits we adopt. Over the years I’ve tested many productivity frameworks, daily routines and almost everything you can imagine in the productivity space. The hardest part? Make what you’ve learned stick. In other words, make it a habit.

The first step of building the habit to constantly improve is to adopt accountability for the things you do. We built something to help you get a better understanding of what you do.

Moleskine notebook

Weekly performance

Tracking your progress on a weekly basis will improve your productivity game drastically. Knowing what you have accomplished during the week, not only gives you a sense fulfillment. It also helps you get a better understanding of how you work when you are your most productive and other important aspects.
Only tracking your progress won’t accomplish anything if you don’t take actions to sustain your course or apply corrections. Setting weekly goals and compare then to your performance is another vital element to head your ship in the right direction.

The steps go like this:

setting and tracking goals framework

Sounds like common sense, however most us still miss to apply it.

Tracking weekly performance with Swip

To help you apply this simple yet extremely powerful framework we created the “Weekly performance” tracking in Swip. Every week you will receive a short email with what you have accomplished during the last 7 days!

How it works?

Swip’s weekly performance email help you understand what you have accomplished during the last 7 days.

Every week you will learn:


Pretty cool huh? 🙂

swip weekly progress update

Set custom day and time

My profile settings

You can customize the day and time to receive your weekly performance update. To do that simply go to My profile settings->Productivity assistant. There you can pick your preferred day and time.


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