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December 2017
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How They Get Sh*t DONE: Tristan Kromer – Lean Startup Coach & T-shaped Product Guy

Nick from SwipNick from Swip

You wake up, see your email and calendar….immediately start feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do in only 24 hours. 24 hours??? Why the day is so short? Who said it should be only 24 hours.

And then it hits you!

I will start doing this latest productivity framework backed by science that the space station uses with its astronauts…..

You start it, give it everything you have aaaand…you fail miserably. So bad that it’s even worse than before. Meanwhile, the work piles up and you start feeling suicidal. And you think “Am I that bad? Yes, I am.”

Sounds familiar?

It does to me! Because this is me several years ago.

Sounds ironic, isn’t it? Founder of a platform that teaches you and your team how to work better that can’t handle his own shit. Although hitting rock bottom is not advisable, it surely helps get a new perspective 🙂

What I learned from that experience, and this is actually at the core of Swip, is that the key is not in the magical method that will turn you into Bradley Cooper in Limitless. The key is in systematically adopt and turn into habits small practical tactics that add to the bigger picture. In other words kaizen the sh*t out of your productivity (this is probably the first time kaizen is used as a verb).

What I found the best way to do that?

Tap on the wisdom of other people! What better way than learning from the experience and mistakes of other people that have been there and done that?

With that, I am so happy to announce the new series of interviews we launch called “How they Get Sh*t DONE”. In this series, busy professionals and teams will share their routines, tips and hack on how they get things done.

Well, that took some time to announce…

Without further ado, I want to introduce you our first guest in the series Tristan Kromer!

Tristan is a Lean startup Coach based in San Francisco that helps series A startups, Accelerators, and Enterprises introduce and adopt Lean startup approach in their organizations.


Here’s the interview with Tristan:

Introduce yourself in 140 characters.

T-shaped generalist whose goal is to create value and believes education must become exponential to compete.

How you start your day?

Calls with Europe.

What’s your daily routine?

My days are always different, but I have a few habits that I keep myself programmed for. e.g. practicing a language (German at the moment but shifting to Chinese), flossing, 5 planks a day, using my standing desk (still working on this one.)

What’s your biggest productivity challenge? How you solve it?

My biggest challenge is committing to a productive day and work and retaining enough energy to bring home to my family. One of the things I try and do is to schedule quiet work time at the end of each day so that my introvert self can re-charge. That way I can go home and be social.

As a backup plan I SMS home, give them a heads up that I’m a bit burnt out, and walk home to clear my head.

What is your favorite productivity hack?

I will schedule my email responses for non-urgent items to go out after a day or two in order to slow the conversation down and get myself to inbox zero. Otherwise I get into back and forths. I also use Pause My Inbox when needed. It’s not always possible when I’m engaged in a sales process, but it’s very useful.

You can reach Tristan on Twitter at @TriKro.

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Founder of @SwipHQ. Growth guy passionate about creative ways of scaling businesses using #Lean.

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